Water Quality Monitoring

Our engineers and scientists have experience designing, managing and implementing surface and groundwater monitoring efforts. Our staff are well-versed in sampling methods and protocols, laboratory analytical methods for inorganics and organic chemicals. Quality assurance / quality control (QA/QC) is essential to ensuring that data
collection efforts are suitable for their intended purpose. Our staff have extensive knowledge of laboratory procedures and have written several quality assurance documents and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

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Specific project experience include:

  • USEPA Targeted Watershed Implementation Grant, Saw Mill River; a four-year comprehensive water quality monitoring program to track spatial and seasonal changes in water quality along the Saw Mill River as it flows through Westchester County into the Hudson River. Data collected from this project has been shared with local government agencies to track down sources of contamination to the river.
  • Copper Stormwater Study; Mutch Associates Staff are currently assisting the Copper Development Association (CDA) and the International Copper Association (ICA) in managing a field study to assess copper in stormwater runoff from copper-roofed structures. The goal of the study is to quantify 1) the amount of copper released in runoff and 2) the ability of engineering controls to attenuate the amount and bioavailability of the copper in runoff. The study is being conducted at Towson University with researchers from the Urban Environmental Biogeochemistry Laboratory (UEBL). Mutch Associates is serving as a technical liaison between the sponsors and the research institution.