NRD Assessment


Mutch Associates’ groundwater hydrologists and environmental engineers have long been involved in the assessment, negotiation, and in developing mitigation projects for natural resource damages, with particular emphasis on impacts to groundwater resources. Their work has included assessment, negotiation, and ultimate settlement of numerous claims for groundwater-related NRD at Superfund and other industrial and waste disposal sites. This work has included precedent setting efforts including:

  • Successfully negotiating the first NRD credit against damages incurred in New Jersey by dedication of land in adjacent New York State. The largely pristine parcel of forest was tributary to New Jersey’s Wanaque Reservoir that supplies water to more than 2 million residents in NJ, including the town in which the NRD had occurred
  • Developed a alternative approach to assessing NRD at a closed and partially capped Superfund site landfill that properly noted that there was no diminution of baseline groundwater services, but the landfill cap did marginally reduce baseflow to the adjacent river, which during low flow periods (i.e. baseflow conditions) was extensively used for water supply. The case settled for a small fraction of the initial claim.