Peer Review

Mutch Associates’ principals conduct peer/expert reviews of remediation and other projects throughout the world for Fortune 100 companies, DOD, and the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP). This work includes:

  • Oversight of New Jersey LSRPs
    • Bob Mutch was one of the original Massachusetts Licensed Site Professionals (LSP) when that program began
    • Has 40 years of experience in site remediation in NJ
    • Has been nominated to the NJ LSRP Board
    • Teaches courses to both the MA LSPs and the CT LEPs
  • Peer review of major remediation projects in CA, GA, MD, IL, CT, OR, MN, UT, MI, NJ, NY, Brazil, Spain, and Belgium
  • Reactive transport modeling of proposed in situ treatment remedies
  • Demonstrable savings of millions of dollars on individual projects and tens of millions of dollars cumulatively