Daniel Gomes

Partner, Senior Principal Hydrogeologist and Groundwater Modeler
Experience Summary:

Mr. Daniel Gomes is a Hydrogeologist and Groundwater modeler located in Denver, Colorado. He has 30 years of experience in groundwater hydrology, contaminant fate and transport, as well as numerical modeling of complex groundwater systems such as large mine dewatering projects, saltwater intrusion, heat transfer etc., under a variety of natural conditions (heterogeneous porous media, fractured and karstic systems, including temperate to tropical and desert conditions).

Mr. Gomes’ experience encompasses operations management, business development, consulting projects management and delivery, software development management, and strategic business planning across industries such as water/water resources, industrial environmental contamination, mining, and oil and gas. He has been the main instructor of several groundwater fate and transport modeling courses including NGWA’s annual Modflow Course.

Mr. Gomes has extensive international experience as a consultant, as well as in technology transfer seminars working in several countries including Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, China, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Germany, India, Mexico, Panama, Pakistan, Peru, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Thailand, the USA, UAE, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Vietnam. He also has extensive experience with Bilateral and International Agencies of the United Nations system, including IAEA – International Atomic Energy Agency; PAHO – Pan American Health Organization, and The World Bank.

Prior to his current position he worked for Schlumberger (Water Services Division, several management positions), Waterloo Hydrogeologic Inc. (partner, various positions including General Manager), CSD-Geocklock (largest environmental company in Brazil, partner, Site Assessment Manager, and CETESB – Environmental Agency in Sao Paulo, Brazil).

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