About Us

Who We Are: At Mutch Associates, we specialize in creating sustainable solutions to complex water and environmental issues. We provide expertise in mathematical modeling, environmental assessment, water supply, and remediation of contaminated sites.

Our team of geoscientists and environmental engineers are experts in conceptual and numerical modeling, fate and transport of complex and emerging contaminants in the environment, and in the design of remedial solutions.

Our Mission: Our goal is to partner with our clients to develop cost-effective, efficient solutions. By integrating scientific expertise with a focus on our clients needs, we have been highly successfully in helping our partners manage their environmental liabilities, lower environmental and litigation risks and achieve significant cost savings in the process.

Our Approach: Combine judicious application of innovative technologies with proven engineering practices. In all cases, our goal is the development data-driven solutions. Our conclusions and designs are the product of quantitative analysis and modeling. 

A New Paradigm: A Mutch Associates, we’re promoting a new paradigm for designing in situ treatment systems. Far too often in situ remedy are high on promise but short on results. Many in situ treatment designs fail to consider the complexities of groundwater flow and subsurface geochemistry. Mutch Associates provides expert modeling analysis to support the design and implementation of in situ treatment technologies to better understand treatment potential and maximize the efficiency of remediation.