Tifany Torralba-Sanchez, Ph.D

Environmental Scientist       
Experience Summary:

Tifany Torralba has invested the bulk of her professional career developing, validating, and applying computational tools including QSARs (Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships) to support the environmental fate modeling of substances such as PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances), insensitive munition compounds (IMCs), and chlorinated chemicals. She has used these estimates to predict environmental mobility and potential for toxicity and bioconcentration. Combined, these projects have given her a thorough understanding of how to use exposure composition, environmental chemistry, and bioavailability to assess environmental risk. In the process, she has acquired analytical laboratory and computational experience with techniques and software including spectrophotometry, ICP, HPLC-MS, and GC-MS, and R statistical software, Matlab Simulink, EPI Suite, ChemAxon, SPARC, BLM, SMD, VMD, Gaussian 09, MDynaMix, QGIS, EnviroInsite, and Power BI.

These diverse experiences have strengthened her communication skills through public speaking in platform and poster presentations at national conferences, and preparation of detailed grant proposals, technical reports, scientific manuscripts, and reviews for government funding agencies and peer-reviewed journals. She has also developed an ability to quickly synthesize information through permanent teamwork with supervisors and co-workers along with frequent interactions with geographically distributed collaborators from other disciplines in academic institutions, consulting firms, and government research centers.

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